Mitt Romney paid 13.9% taxes in 2010 and says that this proves he is not the 1%

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on January 24, 2012

Mitt Romney today hit back at critics who called him part of the 1% by releasing his tax return. “The 99% has been clamoring for my tax return, so here it is,” said Romney to FakePolitics. Romney went on to state that by paying 13.9% in taxes, people should stop categorizing him as part of the 1%. “I paid 13.9% taxes, so stop calling me a 1%,” Romney yelled at passers by. “Why not call me part of the 14%?”

When we mentioned that 1% does not refer to the tax rate, Romney became agitated. “Hey man, all this while I thought they called me a 1% because they though I paid 1% in taxes,” Romney complained. “Shit, I wouldn’t have released my tax return if I had known that.”┬áRomney was then promptly ushered out of the conference by his aides.


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