Mitt Romney throws baby into the “safety net” to prove its integrity

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on February 10, 2012

Fly baby fly

After facing relentless criticism from the media over his statement that he is not concerned about the very poor, Mitt Romney today threw a baby into a net held together by supporters to prove that a safety net catches everyone. When asked if such theatrics was necessary, Romney replied that it was necessary to make a point. “Look, I know the baby was scared but think about it, when he grows up, he can tell everyone that he helped the President of the United States make a very valid point,” said Romney.

The baby’s mother, Jenny Johnson was not amused by the Presidential candidate’s action. “I can’t believe that he threw little Jimmy into the net,” said Ms. Johnson. “He was wailing because he was terrified.” Ms. Johnson also said that she should have known better after reading the story about the Romney dog. “I should have known this son-of-a-bitch would pull something like this,” said Ms. Johnson.

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