Romney blames Santorum car for the delay at Daytona 500

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on February 28, 2012

Rick Santorum sponsored NASCAR vehicleMitt Romney today assigned blame to the Rick Santorum 2012 car driven by Tony Raines for last night’s accident delay. Even though the Santorum car was not anywhere around when Juan Pablo Montoya ran into the dryer truck, Romney still insisted that the Santorum car was distracting Montoya. “I think Juan Pablo was distracted when he saw the Santorum car, because he probably heard all of Santorum’s anti-immigration rants,” said Romney, while watching the race resume. This criticism followed many others Romney directed at Santorum in the last few days.

When asked if Santorum had intentionally sponsored a car in the race to spite him, Romney replied, “I am not surprised that he would resort to a dirty move like that. He has done things like this during this Presidential campaign.” Romney was observed to be pouting every time the Santorum car passed by his seat, by NASCAR fans. “He ain’t happy,” said Billy Bob, a lifelong NASCAR fan. “He be cussin’ every time that car be passin’ by.”

Romney responded to these accusation by criticizing NASCAR fans’ lack of wealth. “Look, these folks don’t make even one billionth of what I make,” said Romney. “They need to know their place in the trailer park.”


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