Rush Limbaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke for calling her a slut, said that he was referring to his Ex.

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on March 4, 2012

Rush Limbaugh today apologized to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, for calling her a “slut” among other things. This apology came after a recent exodus of advertisers from his radio show. Limbaugh further stated that this mistake was due to his anger at his ex-girlfriend, former CNN anchor,¬†Daryn Kagan. “Daryn said many mean things to me when she broke off the relationship,” said Limbaugh. “She called me a ‘fat fuck’, and that is mean.” Limbaugh complained how difficult it was for him to find a woman to date him. “I had to beg and plead for Daryn to date me,” said Limbaugh, looking forlorn. “She finally did when I told her that it would be good publicity for her.”

Limbaugh clarified that the “slut” statement was not intended for Sandra Fluke. “I am deeply sorry for what I had said about Ms. Fluke, but it wasn’t directed at her,” said Limbaugh, clarifying his previous statements. “I hope she will forgive me, get all the contraception she needs, and have plenty of ¬†law school sex.” Limbaugh, however, refused to apologize to Kagan, now that he clarified that the statements were meant for her. “She doesn’t deserve my apologies,” Limbaugh said. “She can kiss my fat ass.”

Kagan responded to our request for comment with the following issued statement:

Rush Limbaugh is a sad excuse for a human being. I agree to the fact that I did call him a “fat fuck” once. I regret that statement because what I should have called him was a “fat fucktard” because of all the retarded statements he makes in a day. I categorically deny any relationship with Rush Limbaugh.

We contacted Kagan spokesperson Jenny Thomas, to clarify if Kagan had actually dated Limbaugh. “Look, if you slept with a fat chick, would you want the world to know about it?” said Thomas. “Of course Kagan denies ever having a relationship with Mr. Limbaugh.”


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