KONY 2012: Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony takes lead in the GOP primary race

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on March 9, 2012

Joseph Kony takes the lead in the GOP polls

Riding a tidal wave of viral media publicity during the last few days, Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony took the lead in the GOP Presidential race, causing a ripple of discontent among the other candidates. “I can’t believe this guy, Kony or whatever his name is, just came into the race and takes the lead,” protested Rick Santorum looking at the latest polls. Mitt Romney expressed shock at the latest turn of events. “I don’t know what to say, last week nobody knew this guy,” said Romney. “Now he comes into the race and takes the lead.”

The candidates questioned Kony’s qualification to run for President. “He is not a citizen, he cannot be President,” said Newt Gingrich in Atlanta today. “I am not sure how he got to the top of the polls when he can’t run.” The other candidates echoed Gingrich’s concern about Kony. “This is ridiculous,” said Ron Paul. “I cannot believe this guy can lead the polls.”

The Democrats, however, found this new development amusing. “This is fucking hilarious. I’ll bet Mitt Romney is shitting in his pants today,” said former head of the DNC, Howard Dean.

We attempted to reach POTUS, but were given a statement made by the President.

We hope that Joseph Kony shows up for the next GOP primary because we have been trying for the last 2 years to take him out. Nothing like getting a victory on American soil. We have sent him a picture of Osama Bin Ladin, to show him what is awaiting him here in the USA.

We attempted to reach Joseph Kony for comment but were unsuccessful.

This is the video that is making the rounds for the KONY 2012 campaign.


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