Owner of Anti-Obama Re-Nig sticker says she is not racist because she has black friends

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on March 21, 2012

Anti-Obama Don't Re-Nig sticker

Using the age-old excuse for being a blatant racist, Anti-Obama sticker site owner Paula Smith, of Hinesville, GA said that she was not racist, citing her friendship with “black folks”. In an interview with Fakepolitics, Smith said that people have the wrong idea about her. “People think I am racist but they don’t know that the Don’t Re-Nig stickers were actually a spelling error,” said Smith. “I meant to put Don’t Re-New, instead of Don’t Re-Nig“. She continued, “I have many black friends, so I am not racist.”

Smith went on to criticize the printers for not catching the error. “Those rednecks at the print shop should have caught it, but most of them probably only have a 4th Grade education,” Smith complained. When asked if she knew the meaning of the word Renig, Smith replied that she did not have a clue. “It just sounded right,” said Smith. “I should have checked the dictionary.”

Critics, however, were not convinced of Smith’s truthfulness. “I think she is full of shit,” said Joe Washington, a spokesperson for the local chapter of the NAACP. “She knew what she was saying.” Washington further stated that many people knew that the word was racist and still continued to use it. “One thing missing from her wardrobe is a white hood,” Washington said visibly agitated.

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