Rick Perry lets his real thoughts be known on his Facebook page…or maybe not

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on March 24, 2012

Checking Rick Perry’s Facebook page for menstruation questions, we came across what appeared to be Rick Perry responding to some of the comments on his post. At first, we were surprised at his apparent candor, but then we realized that even though what he was saying sounded like vintage Perry, we found that the comments were from a fake Rick Perry account. How disappointing, because we thought Rick Perry finally had the balls to say what he was thinking, but no, it was anĀ impostor. Regardless, we are posting how you can have countless hours of fun by being a fan page impostor.

  1. Create a fake Facebook profile using the exact same picture and name as the fan page.
  2. Like the fan page with your new Facebook profile.
  3. Comment away.

Perry impostor on the prowl

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