GOP lauds political consultant Gerry Mander for success in House races

by FakePolitics Editorial Staff on November 25, 2012

The GOP praised political consultant Gerry Mander for their success in retaining the majority in the House of Representatives in the recently concluded elections. According to GOP spokesperson Ron Chase, Mander was responsible for pulling off victories in districts that were redrawn after the recent census. “Gerry did us all a favor by advocating redistricting in states where the GOP held power,” Chase said. “Even though the Democrats had more total House votes, Gerry Mander managed to somehow pull victory from the jaws of defeat.”

The praise was echoed by House majority leader Eric Cantor. “I am not sure if I would be sitting here  in Congress as a House majority leader if not for Gerry. He has certainly proved himself extremely valuable to the Republican party,” praised Cantor.

Democrats were quick to criticize Mander’s work in the elections.

“Mander’s work goes against every tenet of democracy I can think of, ” said House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi admitted that Mander’s work did significantly contribute to the defeat of the Democrats in the House seats in play during the elections. “With Mander’s redistricting efforts, the Democrats didn’t stand a chance,” said Pelosi. “As long as the Republicans insist on circumventing democracy, we will continue to fight them in court.”

Gerry Mander could not be reached for comment.

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